Wytheville, VA

You would think age matters. I think not. And here’s Juanita’s say on how they met… again…

“My future spouse and I have known one another for 35 years and were stationed together at Langley AFB, VA. There was a group of 3 guys known as Dewey 1, Dewey 2, and Ted. Dewey 1 met me and said “i know the perfect guy for you and he will be back from.  Arizona in 2 weeks. That guy was Ted and we married in 1982. Then Dewey 1 told Dewey 2 that he had the perfect woman for him, and that was my friend Rhetta. They married in 1984. Dewey 1 went to Florida and we haven’t been able to contact him since those days. The four of us kept in touch of and on through the years but hadn’t actually seen on another since 1986 when my husband and I got sent to Spain.
My husband died of cancer 14 years ago and Dewey’s died of diabetic complications. He called me one day and we talked for quite a while. I invited him to come up for a visit. He walked through the door, we hugged each other and it was over. We fell in love on the spot. It is my love story. He adores me and treats me like a queen. So we are getting married to enjoy the later years of our lives together.”

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