Antelope Canyon, Arizona

After the Colorado wedding we went to see the Antelope canyon. Well we saw indians, and the canyon is amazing! But as every tourist attraction, you need to plan way ahead which I didn’t actually. And the Upper and Lower canyon weren’t available to see or see without a huge wait so we found the Canyon X. Still amazing, and the greatest part not so crowded, and the photo tour allowed us to go as a family of photographers. I can’t say I did great shots of the canyon, it takes a lot of work to do it epic, and the time of the day wasn’t right but I had a great time with my girls! And I wouldn’t trade it for nothing!



On the road

I can’t believe it took me that long to sort out few photos of the cross country trip we did in June 2016! 20 days on the road and all that is left is a warm feeling in the heart and few photos here. Amongst all of them is one with the unsuccessful experiment with the wedding dress and my younger daughter and a deer at the back spying on us…

Phoenix, AZ

img_1171This wasn’t a wedding but more. One of the first weddings I shot was Diana and Dalila’s in NYC. They tried to live there but it was too cold for them. So they went back to Phoenix. On our way back from San Fransisco, we managed to visit them. That way I could shoot them expecting their first child! These girls have become our most precious friends and we miss them so much! It makes us so glad to know how much they love each other and how happy they are together. Still, you can’t say life is easy on them since they are both preachers’ daughters and unfortunately the beliefs that exist in the East Coast are not the same throughout the whole country.