Engaged in Boston

_mg_1454Boston one would say is a European city. But I’ve been there couple of times and I never really felt it until last Sunday, October 23rd. Michael and Christina showed me this lovely charming little Acorn street. And it’s not like Diagon Alley for magicians only to know it, on the contrary it’s super popular. But still it was quite magical to discover how beautiful it is. And i gets only better cause next year these guys are getting married in the New Britain Museum of American Art and I can’t wait to see it!





Lenox, MA

Would you believe these two met while playing Quidditch? Can you believe a book can create a sport? I think that’s magic. Sandy and John were so young and in love! Also they completed each other so perfectly that it was scary! I couldn’t stop thinking about how I wouldn’t be able to let my girls go someday. Overall, I am very fortunate with my couples.