Top of the Vail mountain, Colorado

I doubt it I can express with words how beautiful that place is. I’m a city girl and I still enjoy the sky on pieces in NY but going up there was epic! The colors in Vail are so clean and vivid, it helps to be a good photographer but you don’t have to be one for capturing breath taking images. We always work around and with light, avoid times of the day, and prefer the golden hour. But that was the first time I didn’t care that it’s not the Best time of the day, because I had the most wonderful clouds and couldn’t even pick a favorite image!

Quick note for the next day of our trip : Vail, CO 6am – 39F, 8 hours later in Utah – 104F….


Newport, Rhode Island

Beach weddings are awesome! It has its challenges for capturing but having the ocean up close is magical! The getting ready part this time was hair, makeup and football at the beach. In that order! And the groom couldn’t be happier to be getting married barefoot! So everyone was happy! And at the end of the night they got fireworks, since they chose the 4th of July as their day. Every anniversary will have fireworks from now on!

New Britain Museum of American Art New Britain, CT

It was hard to wait for this wedding to come! And as all of them the day flew out in a second. But luckily I have the photos to remember that every time I turned I saw a piece of art ready to be captured! It’s quite the awesome idea to have your wedding in a museum, especially like this one with so much natural light around. The wedding day was bathed all day long in sunshine! And the date? The couple chose to get married on the groom’s parents wedding day? People have these amazing ideas, it keeps surprising me!


Tampa, FL

Silence before the storm


No doubt it’s great to start the actual wedding season with not one but two Florida weddings. And to take a few days off with my family is actually a dream come true before the real heat of the year. The Orange park wedding will always be my first Florida wedding but the Tampa one introduced me to some quite different kind of people. It could all be explained by the fact that all of them were bikers… Unfortunately no bikes were a part of the wedding. Just their driver’s temperament! No doubt there was some drinking, tons of fun and on top of all at the end of the reception the bride and groom exchanged their outfits…

I take each wedding as Forrest Gump’s advice on life –it’s like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get…


On the road

I can’t believe it took me that long to sort out few photos of the cross country trip we did in June 2016! 20 days on the road and all that is left is a warm feeling in the heart and few photos here. Amongst all of them is one with the unsuccessful experiment with the wedding dress and my younger daughter and a deer at the back spying on us…

The Georgia wedding

Going to Georgia it’s much like being in a movie set. It was quite magical for me. Time runs differently, people and the weather are quite warmer and calmer. It’s almost like stress doesn’t live there. I saw many things for the first time, like Jessica had a rehearsal bouquet from all the gift ribbons. I’ve only read about cotton fields, so I’ve seen quite many now.




Engaged in Boston

_mg_1454Boston one would say is a European city. But I’ve been there couple of times and I never really felt it until last Sunday, October 23rd. Michael and Christina showed me this lovely charming little Acorn street. And it’s not like Diagon Alley for magicians only to know it, on the contrary it’s super popular. But still it was quite magical to discover how beautiful it is. And i gets only better cause next year these guys are getting married in the New Britain Museum of American Art and I can’t wait to see it!





Wytheville, VA

You would think age matters. I think not. And here’s Juanita’s say on how they met… again…

“My future spouse and I have known one another for 35 years and were stationed together at Langley AFB, VA. There was a group of 3 guys known as Dewey 1, Dewey 2, and Ted. Dewey 1 met me and said “i know the perfect guy for you and he will be back from.  Arizona in 2 weeks. That guy was Ted and we married in 1982. Then Dewey 1 told Dewey 2 that he had the perfect woman for him, and that was my friend Rhetta. They married in 1984. Dewey 1 went to Florida and we haven’t been able to contact him since those days. The four of us kept in touch of and on through the years but hadn’t actually seen on another since 1986 when my husband and I got sent to Spain.
My husband died of cancer 14 years ago and Dewey’s died of diabetic complications. He called me one day and we talked for quite a while. I invited him to come up for a visit. He walked through the door, we hugged each other and it was over. We fell in love on the spot. It is my love story. He adores me and treats me like a queen. So we are getting married to enjoy the later years of our lives together.”

Lenox, MA

Would you believe these two met while playing Quidditch? Can you believe a book can create a sport? I think that’s magic. Sandy and John were so young and in love! Also they completed each other so perfectly that it was scary! I couldn’t stop thinking about how I wouldn’t be able to let my girls go someday. Overall, I am very fortunate with my couples.