Amie and Nick

Aria, Prospect, CT

Two teachers, madly in love. The bride wanted to book me before she got engaged and before even having locked the venue. This is my biggest success so far to have someone so convinced I’m the one to capture their love! And the first dance was a song composed from the groom, for the bride, performed by one of the groomsmen…


And I’m so proud to share credit with my younger daughter for this wedding!



The Saint Patrick’s Day wedding

Saint Thomas of Villanova Church

Villanova, PA


That was one truly perfect day! It rarely happens! From the weather to the people and timing of all events! I’m so flattered to be chosen as part of that day, felt to be so great to be Irish for a day…


The Georgia wedding

Going to Georgia it’s much like being in a movie set. It was quite magical for me. Time runs differently, people and the weather are quite warmer and calmer. It’s almost like stress doesn’t live there. I saw many things for the first time, like Jessica had a rehearsal bouquet from all the gift ribbons. I’ve only read about cotton fields, so I’ve seen quite many now.